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About Us

BITSmart.tech is a concept born out of the mind of one of Hampshire’s most unassuming characters.

The dream is to develop a business and a brand that resonates with those SME businesses that struggle with their technology. Whether that be providing some much needed hardware through to understanding what the business needs & anything in between, we can help.

While our core service is working with you to help you choose, implement and embrace new technologies (and we will talk about that in a second). We will consider taking on any job, because we may be able to bring one of our partners in to help you on these projects where we don’t have the specialism in house.

After all, it makes perfect sense to us to leverage the relationships we have developed over the past 10+ years working in the industry to bring additional benefit and value to you, OUR CUSTOMERS!

For any business regardless of size, the need to try to stay abreast of the latest technology trends is never as important and impactful as when the moment arrives to research, evaluate and choose a new supplier. Imagine how frustrating it must be to spend six months researching and selecting the new supplier, only to discover a few months later that there is another supplier that you were unaware of, with a better technology at a more attractive price.

At BITSmart.tech we aim to understand your short, mid and long-term challenges and project aspirations matching your requirements with relevant suppliers.

Acting as the facilitator between you and the relevant potential suppliers, we manage the entire process on your behalf, being your advocate and preventing the suppliers that we bring to the table from looking for easy sales opportunities, making sure at all times that your solutions requirement is front and centre of any conversation.


The Team

Tony Edwards ~ Chief Everything Officer

Tony is the brains behind BITSmart.tech, Tony has spent the last decade in various roles within the telecoms and IT industries. From working for a UK mobile carrier, through to online sales and support.

The last six years he has worked for a National Procurement organisation in various Technology related roles (from IT support through to Supplier Relationships).

It has been a dream of his to run his own business, and with the skills he has learned over the past 10 years and COVID happening forcing redundancy, he has sprung into action and BITSmart.tech has been born.

As the title suggests, Tony literally does everything within the business at present, but who knows… as the business grows, there may be job opportunities for the next generation of IT whizz kids in the future.

Tony’s hobbies outside of business are Cricket (for which we are a minor sponsor), Football, going to the gym and spending time with the family.

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Why are we here?

The entrepreneurial spirit in the UK is rife. So many start-up businesses will rush out and spend money on things that generate no revenue, as such they end up in debt before getting off the ground and eventually failing.

With 92% of businesses failing in the first 10 years. It has become our mission to help those small and medium businesses that don’t have the time, money or resource to have in-house staff managing their technology.

Yes we are here to make money, after all we are a business, however we do this in a remarkable way. We will charge you as little as we can for our service… and we won’t push one product/service your way. You always make the final decision!

We have carefully developed and nurtured relationships with some of the world’s best in breed Telecoms & Technology providers to deliver enterprise ready products and services that will work just as well for you. 

These relationships enable us at BITSmart.tech to wrap our fee into the service cost of the technology, which means that you get top quality solutions at truly competitive prices.

How does this help you?

There are thousands of other Telecoms & Technology companies in the UK market right now, some like us are brand new, while others are years old. However, over 90% of them will own the technology they are selling; and the majority will be trying to sell you one or two product sets ONLY. 

Why, because they too are typically small businesses and have chosen those technologies because they align to their goals.

Here at BITSmart.tech – we don’t do this, we don’t push one solution onto you. We bring you a selection of products/services (where possible) which we feel will fit with you goals, needs and requirements. 

As a result, you can make the final choice to ensure it aligns with not only your business goals, but also the culture of your business, and the best part is – it doesn’t matter if you are based in our hometown of Winchester – or in the Scottish Highlands, we can help you one way or another.

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