As a population, we continually crave more and more information and with that in mind we have been working hard to bring you information that you can not only get access to on our site whenever you want, but also that you can download for reference later.

Our books cover topics such as email security, cyber security and more.

The first book is available to you just by signing up for our mailing list… and you can see a taster of it below.

In 2022, we are hopeful that we will be able to deliver at least another two books – full of hints, tips and more that can help take your business to the next level.

books are awesome -

Why Tech is like a Rubiks Cube

This is our very first book, written by our Chief Everything Officer, Tony Edwards.

It is based on a talk he gave at a 4Networking event and covers some of the tech trends business owners should be using or at the very least considering to use them. The flipbook below is just a taster of the book and to get access to the whole thing – simply subscribe to our mailing list by completing the form below.

Email Hijack

This is our book all about email security.

This book explains how hackers can access into your emails to get your critical business information, bank account details and more. This is all told from the viewpoint of David, a fictitious business owner whose team were duped by a phishing attack while he was on holiday.

*NEW* - Cybersecurity Essentials

This is our book all about Cybersecurity.

This book talks about some of the fundamentals of cybersecurity, facts and figures relating to how businesses are affected by cybersecurity bungles, mishaps or mistakes. Plus, the 18 controls you should have in place and also which elements of each control matters to your business.

This is a must-read if you have any sort of concern about how cyber safe you are.

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