Get Your Power Back Hours

Is your desktop slow & sluggish? Is your laptop lacking the power it once had?

The “Get Your Power Back Hour” can get your devices supercharged.

Don’t pay pandemic premium prices for new devices when you can get your current ones working almost like new!

For just £99 we can give your device a Service and MOT to ensure it will continue working for longer. We run a full scan of your device, check it for all known types of Malware, viruses etc and ensure your device is running all of the latest updates.

We provide this service to customers with both Windows & Mac environments and if we feel there are additional things that can be done outside of the scope of the checks, we also provide an email report on what can be done and additional charges (if any), for us to complete the works for you.

Don’t let your device rule the roost by reducing your productivity. IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

What Next?

Don’t delay, you can book your Get Your Power Back Hour right here using our live calendar.

Simply find the date and time that suits you best, pop in your name, email address & phone number and we will do the rest.

Within 24 hours you will then receive details of the session and how I will get into your machine and more.

Why wait?

Please note that £99 is for the Hour, anything that lasts over that 60 minute period, may be charged at a rate of £50 per hour (billed by the minute to ensure we don’t overcharge you).