65% of people prefer landline!

It’s been an absolute age since I last posted a blog or posted a video. Time seems to fly at the minute, but that is really no excuse.

Today, I want to talk about communications. Now, this is a broad topic, but it’s a really important one for every business.

Despite businesses being more visible through the power of social media. 65% of people that interact with businesses would prefer to interact with them over the phone, via a landline (01, 02 type numbers).

This statistic after a year of remote working, home schooling etc. sounds almost bonkers and backwards, but it holds true. Businesses large and small have made massive changes to the way they work during the year of lockdowns, however much of this was short-term sticking plaster type changes to see the business through.

All being well, it appears that lockdown is beginning to ease and as such businesses will be deciding what’s next for our communications. Some will go back to the status quo, some will carry on sticking plasters over the cracks while the SMART ones will see this as an opportunity to invest in improving the way they communicate externally with their customers and suppliers – but also internally with their staff and stakeholders.

landline - 65% of people prefer

This investment doesn’t have to have a huge price tag attached. This is where businesses, decision makers, and outsourced ‘specialists’ go wrong. Most will speak to a telecoms company who will recommend ‘their’ solution (normally one that they re-sell at an inflated margin), or a ‘specialist’ will suggest their supplier who is the one that will pay out the highest commission. Either way, as a customer, typically you get the dirty end of the stick as you end up paying for a solution that doesn’t meet your future needs – at an inflated price.

So how do you know you are getting a good deal?

Regardless of whether you as the buyer are the Head of IT, Managing Director, Office Manager or Head of Operations, it’s not your primary role to understand the technology market for Unified Communications, the suppliers, their technologies and also how they could benefit the business aims and future needs of the company.

gartner quadrant

This is where a Technology Advisor like us comes in. An agnostic business that is there to help you, the customer, make sense of the connectivity/networks, data centre, security as well as the unified communications and collaboration services markets that they cover.

Plus we are there to help customers understand and interpret their technology needs for their business and to make introductions to the appropriate suppliers and to accompany and advise the customer on their supplier selection journey.

How many times doe you go onto LinkedIn and see posts from people looking for telecoms introductions and see hundreds of ‘we can help’ type replies? Could you imagine going through that barrage of stuff looking for the right supplier? With an agnostic technology advisor in your corner – you don’t need to…


  • No more LinkedIn Introduction Posts
  • No more Google Searches
  • No more Confusion


  • A trusted source for help, guidance and information with your businesses best interests in mind
  • Price structures without the uber-inflated margins
  • A person that can take the hassle out of supplier management meaning you and your staff can do their primary roles with real purpose

What's not to like?

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