Make Unsecured Print Obsolete!

There are millions of businesses across the UK using print devices without sufficient security.

This means that on a daily basis there will be hundreds, if not thousands of prints being processed on a daily basis that could be in breach of Data Protection and GDPR guidelines.

If your business is printing jobs and your staff are darting off to the printer to collect them as they press print, then there is a likelihood that you are insecurely printing. This could result in your business being left open for fines if they were audited by the ICO, especially if you are printing/copying/scanning personal data, and/or if guests to your place of business have open access to your print devices.

If you haven’t reviewed your printer fleet within the past few years, chances are that your devices are unsecured.

How can you remedy this?

Secure Print is one of the more popular options. Secure Print is a software/hardware combination built into the majority of printer makes and models.

It works by holding a user’s print jobs in a queue, meaning they can be more selective about when they need to go to the printer to collect documents; and not directly after pressing print. The user can effectively then go to any printer on the site (or that is connected to the business infrastructure), enter a pin code or swipe an RFID keyfob/card in order to release the print job(s) from the queue.

Secure print solutions are ideal for law firms, finance houses/banks and any other businesses that may print/copy/scan/handle large volumes of personal and sensitive data.

If you feel that your print fleet could be at risk – get in touch and we can arrange a review of just your fleet – or a full NO OBLIGATION review of your technology.