Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring… your phones aren’t being cut off… just yet anyway!

BT announced back in 2015-16 that they would be switching all of their ISDN & PSTN network infrastructure by 2025. With purchases of this technology ceasing from September 2023.

Have you, or are you receiving phone calls saying that they are calling from BT, Openreach or a business associated with one (or both), stating that your phone lines will be cut off soon?

If you have, or even if you haven’t these few points are relevant to you and staying safe from unscrupulous sales tactics.

phone-cut off-switch off
  1. Don’t panic – don’t do anything or be forced into anything which you feel uncomfortable. Don’t perform any sort of knee jerk reaction to a phrase or comment from the person on the other end of the phone and stay calm in true Corporal Jones fashion (sorry to those readers who don’t get the Dad’s Army references).
  1. These calls are most likely not coming from BT or Openreach at all but from other telecoms companies looking to scare people and businesses into acting and/or applying pressure on them to sign into long term contracts and replace their current telephony and infrastructure for theirs. Don’t sign up to anything without being 100% sure it is right – they will be hell to get out of.
  1. Trustworthy providers and resellers won’t be ringing businesses providing them with mis-leading information about the ISDN switch off coming in 2025 sometime between April and December according to reports. This switch off is actually more of a migration to IP based technology – delivering your calls over an internet connection.
  1. Yes, BT and Openreach are withdrawing traditional telephony lines – but not for another 5 years – the only way your lines will be cut off before then is if you don’t pay your bills.
  1. There is plenty of time for businesses to change over to SIP or cloud hosted VoIP but in the same breath we believe that lead times for implementation of these technologies will increase as the time to cut off decreases.
  1. Most calls that have been placed over the past decade have been delivered over IP technologies already, you just don’t know about it as the inner core of the UK telephony infrastructure was a lot easier to update and upgrade. This inner core change happened in order to reduce the costs when it comes to maintenance.
  1. The focus of the switch off is around the conversion of local exchanges and green cabinets to ensure that they are ready for 2025, and due to the sheer volume of cabinets and exchanges across the UK – this is a hugely challenging task which will also need to be tested on numerous occasions to ensure a full functional and robust operation.
  1. 2023 will deliver the first change, from September 2023 you will not be able to place any orders for traditional / legacy telephony infrastructure with either your supplier or with Openreach – from this point you will need to buy IP based kit (for at least the new elements) – but in honesty – if you reach this point with a traditional system – you should upgrade everything as opposed to running multiple systems.

So what next… we can review your current telephony infrastructure and either find a better deal on your legacy system or help find the right cloud based VoIP solution for your business.

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