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We help you identify the most business advantageous technologies that enable your business to communicate with the rest of the world. Whether it’s old-fashioned Telephony, SIP Trunks, Hosted Telephony, the entire Unified Communications suite of collaborative services, office to office connectivity and Internet Access, Data Centre our Cloud services (In other words cloud-based computing) then that’s how we can help.

At BITSmart.tech we have access to 100+ technology UK, European and Global services suppliers that we work with and who we could connect you with depending on your own project requirements.

Why do we do this? because delivering choice to our customers is the biggest service that we provide, but choice of WHAT?

Our services below can help take your business forward from a productivity and effectiveness standpoint almost straight away. Regardless of whether you are working from an office, the spare room, the kitchen table, or god forbid, the corner of your bedroom:

If you have any questions relating to any of our services – please get in touch and we will be more than happy to have a conversation and to answer any and all questions – and if we don’t know the answer, we will find out and let you know.

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Cloud Telephony:

The future of telephony is in the Cloud, more and more businesses are moving away from on-premise systems and into the cloud. This move is rapidly accelerating across businesses of all sizes. In a survey by Frost & Sullivan, 82% of businesses reported that they have moved or plan to move either part or all of their business telephony up to the Cloud by 2023.

With an estimated 350 million on-premise seats globally and with BT closing their ISDN infrastructure down in the next 5 years in favour of IP telephony, moving your business communications to the cloud as part of your larger Digital Transformation strategy makes perfect sense.

Advantages of Cloud Telephony:

  1. Improved efficiency – work from ANYWHERE!
  2. Lowering the cost of IT and maintenance.
  3. Provide AI driven data to enable actionable insight.
  4. Maximising uptime through reliability, security and resiliency.
  5. Providing modern communication tools to unify employees & contact centre agents while improving productivity.
  6. Endless opportunity – provider driven upgrades and hundreds of integrations.
  7. A communications platform that works across multiple devices.
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Frost & Sullivan Survey Features

Features of Cloud Telephony:

  1. Voice and telephony, including mobility
  2. Meeting solutions – audio, video and web conferencing
  3. Messaging – email with voicemail and unified messaging
  4. Presence & Instant Messaging
  5. Cross Platform usability – Desktop, Mobile and thin browser clients
  6. Communications-enabled apps – integrated contact centre, Communications Platform as a Service and Work-stream Collaboration.

Mobile Telephony:

Mobile working is continuing to rise with the global mobile workforce expected to exceed 1.87 billion by 2022.

Access to mobile telephony and mobile applications are becoming increasingly critical to the smooth running of business and ensuring that you and your team have the right tools for the job. Mobile working is not only saving businesses with travel time and costs, but also delivers further benefits businesses as it enables users to get more done and to feel trusted within their job role.

However, mobile telephony is not as clear cut as the consumer market and ensuring that you are getting what you pay for can be quite a long winded process, especially for organisations with little or no purchasing expertise in house. With years of experience within the Mobile industry, we are perfectly positioned to provide you with help, support, advice and guidance with regard to network selection, tariff checks and more.​

Cloud Services:

Cloud has become one of the biggest talking points on boardrooms up and down the country. The Cloud is more than a buzzword… it’s an epic shift in business efficiency and leverage. We are specialists in transitioning legacy systems to the Cloud and can help your business:

– Create a Total Cost of Ownership / Benefit Analysis
– Procure from the Best Cloud Providers
– Transition from Legacy premise based solutions to Cloud Platforms

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Connectivity is key to business operations as data is everywhere.

92% of the world’s data was generated within the last 2 years and businesses are consuming and generating more data now than ever before. Especially with more and more applications being web enabled or cloud based. As such having a reliable and stable connection to the internet is something that all businesses need as standard.

Ensuring your connections are future-proofed is something that is quite often un-thought of, resulting in businesses having to pay more than they possibly need.

Don’t data restrictions or poor speeds let your business down.

Managed Print:

While the core function of a printer hasn’t changed over the past 5-10 years, the app culture with which we now live in has breathed new life into the office printer; enabling them to be further embedded within an organisation to improve efficiency and enabling automation processes. This meaning that businesses are not necessarily working towards “Paperless” but more towards “Paper Less”.

Print is still a critical requirement for many businesses; this means that it still has the potential to be a black hole when it comes to security. If your printer fleet hasn’t been reviewed since GDPR came into effect, there could be some improvements that could be made to reduce the likelihood of any fine coming your way & we can ascertain what improvements could be adopted just by performing a print review.


With a massive skills shortage globally – Data Security has become a growing agenda item for businesses worldwide irrespective of size. In the past few years data breaches, Ransomware and DDoS attacks have been becoming more and more prevalent.

Our reliance on technology has left businesses in a vulnerable position – especially where they don’t have the in-house resource needed to stay on top of the growing threat. But businesses are pouring funds into security solutions that are not right for their business too.

The projected global annual cost of cybercrime by 2021 is £4.5 TRILLION

“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to EVERY company in the world.”
Ginni Rometty – IBM Chairman, President & CEO

IT Hardware & Software

Every business needs IT hardware and software in order for it to run effectively. Through our partnership with one of the largest independent IT distributors in the UK, we can provide you with everything from a mouse to a server and anything in between.

At last count there was close to 400,000 products available, and these prices are typically better than what you can find on Amazon, or at your local Currys PC World. Meaning you pay less than the rest!

Simply send us your requirements and we can put a quote together within a couple of hours. If you are happy with the quote we can arrange for delivery as soon as the next working day (subject to availability/time).

Get Your Power Back Hour

Is your desktop slow & sluggish? Is your laptop lacking the power it once had?

The “Get Your Power Back Hour” can get your devices supercharged.

Don’t pay pandemic premium prices for new devices when you can get your current ones working almost like new!

For just £99 we can give your device a Service and MOT to ensure it will continue working for longer.
Get your power back hours

IT Support:

The use of technology in businesses has risen dramatically over the past 20+ years; and this dependancy doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

However, businesses don’t always consider dedicated support for themselves or their teams – especially when budgets are tight and teams are small. Meaning that when help is required – you don’t always get the best advice at the best price.

If IT support is something that your business could do with – but you don’t have the in house resource or expertise – this could be for you.

If you or your business have concerns in any of these areas then please feel free to get in touch to arrange your NO OBLIGATION 15 minute discovery call